约翰沃尔很快将会超你所想 称霸东部

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John Wall Could Own the East Sooner Than YouThink.


The Washington Wizards received great news Friday,as franchise point guard John Wall announced hewould accept the team's supermax contractextension offer. The extension adds four years toWall's existing contract, and could keep him in D.C.through 2023. The final season of the deal is a playeroption.


Wall's extension coincides with swingman Otto Porter also signing a max deal this summer,solidifying the team's young core of Wall, Porter and shooting guard Bradley Beal. All three aresigned through at least 2020, and Washington will likely have to continue to dip into the luxurytax to ensure it remains a contender throughout the length of their deals.


In an era of superstar instability, Wall's decision is extremely meaningful for the Wizards.The announcement came the same day Kyrie Irving requested a trade, weeks after JimmyButler and Paul George were traded, and in the same month Gordon Hayward announced hewould be leaving the Utah Jazz. Amid the flurry of movement, Wall is deciding to stay with ateam that could soon shoot to the top of the imploding East


Seriously, who in Wall's conference will be a contender at this time next year? If LeBron headsWest and Kyrie leaves Ohio, the Cavs will freefall. Toronto's core is older than Washington's,and less talented to boot.


Would you rather have the Wizards' big three of Wall, Beal and Porter, or the Celtics' likelythree-max core of Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford and Hayward?



Wall's deal is more than just about him taking the most money possible. And we know Wall issensitive about his contract situation. He's also now set himself up for potentially hugesuccess right as he's about to enter his prime.


Wall will turn 27 right before the start of this season, meaning he should spend the best yearsof his career—with seemingly healthier knees than in the past—all with the Wizards.


The way LeBron has put a stranglehold on the East, it's hard to imagine any other star exertingany level of control over the conference. But why not Wall? His speed is his most excitingtrait, but his well-rounded game is often overlooked.


He can play fast or run a halfcourt offense. He makes players around him significantly better.And he's dramatically improved as a shooter since his first three years in the league. With still alittle more room to grow, Wall has the potential to the biggest star in his half of the league in apost-LeBron era.


As constructed today, the Wizards aren't title contenders. The Ian Mahinmi contract is analbatross, the bench is still suspect at best, and their core still lacks star power compared tothe NBA's real heavy hitters. But in an era when stars are maximizing leverage more thananything else, having your superstar under contract for as long as Wall is qualifies as its ownachievement.


Washington has cleared the biggest hurdle numerous NBA teams have faced the last fewseasons: Commitment. With Wall signed for the long haul, the Wizards have taken the mostimportant step in trying to bring a championship to the nation's capital.




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