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Looking forward to his coming home

Scene One: Man has to overwork, return home late and asks her not to wait for him and have meals alone. Woman then asks him to focus on his work and waits for his return. She buys vegetables and then cook. She keeps on running to the balcony once and again to look into the distance with the concern hovering in her mind while she is cooking his favorite soup which will clear fever and moisten lung. She puts all her affectionate and passionate love in to her longing eyes.
Man: I can’t figure out, but once the tiny, slim figure comes into sight, I have the indescribable feeling when my nose becomes sore and touching.

The moment of getting lost

Scene Two: Man and woman go shopping together on Sunday and they linger in one men’s store and another, looking at the glittering array of clothes and imaging the sweetness in them. They selected and picked out their favorite style. Woman asks man to put them on, looking up and down, lighting up with pleasure, getting lost herself…
Man: I have no idea what to say at that instant. I am determined to but a perfect coat just for her, though I am not inclined to go shopping.

Sorrow of parting

Scene Three: Men will be sent to other city to take the coaching course for half a month. She doesn’t speak too much, preparing for his luggage in silence. Though it is a
great chance to get further improvement, she still couldn’t help with the depression with him out of her sight in 15 days and nights and without his company at the thought of 15 days’ parting. Though she tries to hide it and pretends a smile, the red eyes still betray her.
Man: Her goodness comes out of mind at that specific moment. I lower my head and kiss her, tell her I will always miss her and come back early to kiss her hair.

NO.4 Attentive tenderness

   Scene Four: Man joins the party with the comrades, binged one cup after another and got drunk out of expectation. He spewed here and there babbling all the time. She doesn’t chatter nor infuriate, drags him to the bedside, changes pajamas for him, and makes some sobering-up soup for him and feeds him. She then brings a basin of hot water, tries the heat several times and washes his feet for him.
Man: I condemn my wretch the following day, swear never to drink any more, and never get my beloved wife suffer from this mess.

NO.5 Amorous care

Scene Five: He is coming back from business. She goes to salon to have a new hair cut, then takes a bath, wears cosmetics. She changes the dark purple braces skirt, with the
fair skin more bright, the slim figure outlined by the proper belt line, with lucid and elegant perfume sprinkled by the ears. All is for the beloved him, because she cares too
much about her image in his heart and his praise as well.

Man: looking at the tender and charming her, I can’t restrain my moving and lament. I really would like to whisper that absorbing song “Silver thread among the white”: Honey,
I am getting aged, with white hair shining like silver. While you are my unique love forever, pretty and gentle forever…
男人:看到眼前娇俏迷人的她,我心中真的忍不住心中的感动、感慨。我真的想轻轻在她耳边为她吟上那首迷人的《白发吟》亲爱 我年已渐老 白发如霜银光耀 唯你永是我爱人 永远美丽又温柔……


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