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The White House has not ruled out providing government support for Westinghouse, the bankrupt US nuclear group, as the Trump administration works to ensure that the US remains a force in the nuclear industry.

白宫没有排除向破产的美国核能集团西屋电气(Westinghouse)提供政府支持的可能性,唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)政府正致力于确保美国仍在核工业领域占据一席之地。

A senior White House official said the administration is holding regular discussions about Westinghouse since the company entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in March. Officials are trying to find a buyer for Westinghouse to ensure it does not fall into Chinese or Russian hands, but the White House is aware that without an acceptable private-sector solution the group may need government help to remain under US control.

一位白宫高级官员表示,自西屋电气今年3月进入美国破产法第11章(Chapter 11)的破产程序以来,特朗普政府一直在围绕该公司展开定期讨论。官员们正尝试为西屋电气寻找买家,以确保其不会落入中国人或俄罗斯人之手,但白宫明白,在缺乏一项可接受的私营部门解决方案的情况下,该集团或将需要政府援助才可确保其处于美国控制之下。

“There’s always possibility,” the White House official said when asked whether the administration would consider providing federal help. “We clearly have been having discussions in the White House about Westinghouse and about the future of nuclear and the future of having more than one US-based nuclear power manufacturer.”


Westinghouse is one of only two big US nuclear engineering companies, along with General Electric, which has a joint venture with Hitachi of Japan. The White House has concerns about the economic impact of losing a technology exporter, and national security concerns that range from technology transfer issues to the fact that Westinghouse supplies technology for US Navy nuclear submarines.

西屋电气与通用电气(General Electric)是美国仅有的两家大型核能工程公司,后者与日本的日立(Hitachi)成立了一家合资公司。白宫既担心失去一家技术出口商造成的经济影响,也有国家安全方面的担忧——从技术转让问题到西屋电气为美国海军核潜艇提供技术这一事实。

The US is not concerned that Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba since Japan is a strong ally. But the companies most likely to be interested in buying Westinghouse’s nuclear business include groups from China and Russia, which has sparked concern. One administration official said the Trump team had been “engaging with potential buyers and investors” to find a solution that would not endanger US national security.


President Donald Trump is expected to address the importance of the US nuclear industry on Thursday when he unveils his energy policy. Ahead of the speech, Rick Perry, US energy secretary, told the Financial Times and other media outlets that America needed to ensure it remained technologically and economically engaged with nuclear power. “If we do not, then China and Russia will fill that void,” he warned.

预计特朗普总统将在周四公布自己的能源政策时阐述美国核工业的重要性。在特朗普演讲之前,美国能源部长里克?佩里(Rick Perry)对英国《金融时报》等媒体表示,美国需要确保自身在技术上和经济上继续发展核能。“如果我们不这么做,那么中国和俄罗斯将填补进来,”他警告称。

Mr Perry stressed that the debate over how to deal with Westinghouse was broader than the company. “It’s a lot bigger than just making sure that Westinghouse continues to be a stable American company,” he said. “This is a massively important issue for the security of America and the security for America’s allies.”


The US nuclear industry’s future has been cast into doubt by the financial crisis at Westinghouse. The only new commercial reactors under construction in the US are four Westinghouse AP1000s being built in Georgia and South Carolina.


Work at the sites is continuing for now, thanks to guarantees from Toshiba. But experts say those commitments may not be enough to pay for the reactors to be completed. Failure to finish construction would deal a serious blow to Westinghouse’s hopes of selling reactors overseas.


It would also damage Mr Trump’s hopes of boosting exports of energy and related technology to create jobs in America — a message that the president will stress when he addresses the issue of US “energy dominance” on Thursday.

同时这也会打击特朗普促进能源及相关技术出口、为美国创造就业的愿望——特朗普周四就美国“能源优势”(energy dominance)问题发表演讲时将强调这一点。

Gary Cohn, head of the White House national economic council, said Mr Trump would speak about “the importance of energy, how it fits in with our domestic economy, how it fits in with jobs, how it fits in with being a force for good at home and abroad, the fact that we’re getting to energy independence, that we can export energy to the world and be part of a global energy market economy”.

白宫国家经济委员会主席加里?科恩(Gary Cohn)表示,特朗普将谈及“能源的重要性,它如何与我们的国内经济相切合,如何与就业创造相切合,如何与成为对国内外都有益的力量相切合,还有一个事实,即美国正在实现能源独立,能够向世界出口能源并成为全球能源市场经济的一部分”。

Mr Trump will talk about boosting LNG exports — particularly to energy-hungry nations in Asia such as Japan, India and China. Mr Cohn said that while the LNG business was a private enterprise, the government could help on the regulatory front.


“The federal government owns basically nothing. We just regulate it all. So we can make the regulatory process much more efficient, much smoother, and very quick,” he said.


While some officials tout LNG and Mr Trump has talked about reinvigorating the US coal industry, the White House official said all forms of energy should compete “without potential government subsidies or tax credits”.


The US wind and solar power industries have gained from tax credits for several years, but the administration intends to let them phase out, under a plan set by Congress in 2015.


Despite tensions between the US and its neighbours over a range of trade issues, the Trump administration is embracing the idea that Mexico and Canada form a single regional energy market with the US.


The White House official said the two neighbouring countries were crucial because of the way their power grids and pipelines connected with the US. “The energy markets are looking at North America as one homogenised market with free border transportation through pipes and wires,” he said.


The balance of US-Mexico energy trade has flipped in recent years. For a long time, the relationship was defined by Mexican sales of crude oil to the US. But in 2015 and 2016, the value of US energy exports to Mexico including natural gas exceeded the value of imports from Mexico, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

美墨之间能源贸易的平衡近年来出现了反转。过去很长一段时间都是墨西哥向美国出售原油。但根据美国能源情报署(US Energy Information Administration)的数据,2015年和2016年,美国对墨西哥能源出口(包括天然气)的价值超过了从墨西哥进口能源的价值。

Mr Cohn said the shift was due to improved infrastructure and transportation routes. “Why has Mexico become such a big taker of US gas? Pipelines,” he said. “We just connected in all the pipelines in the last couple of years. It’s all transportation. The demand’s been there. We just had to get to it.”




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